J.M.J Navjeevan School

Kaurinbhata,Rajnandgaon (C.G)

Affilation No. 3330113

J.M.J Navjeevan School

JMJ Navjeevan School is an un-aided Minority Institution established and Managed by the Sisters of the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph. The School is dedicated to the sacred memory of Jesus Mary and Joseph. The Society of JMJ by remaining faithful to the vision of its Founder, Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff S.J. regards the education of the youth as its top apostolic priority. Inspired by their founder’s charism, the JMJ sisters continue to dedicate themselves to the noble task of education with the following objectives. Giving an integrated formation to the student- a formation that contributes to their physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, moral and social growth. Moulding the students into mature persons and responsible citizens with strong human and spiritual values and principles. Enabling the students to face the highly competitive and professional world with the required confidence and expertise.

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